Wind and Trees 2020

“Planning for an uncertain future: wind risk to forests and trees in a changing climate”.

The 9th International Wind and Trees Conference will be hosted by The IUFRO working party 8.03.036, at the Novotel in Rotorua, New Zealand from 24-28 February 2020.

The theme recognises that climate change will affect the frequency and magnitude of extreme wind events, as well as the state of the underlying forests.

Scientists from a range of disciplines have the opportunity to share advances in knowledge on topics including:

  • Windflow over complex forested terrain
  • Wind loading on trees and their responses
  • Tree biomechanics
  • Wind disturbance as an ecosystem process
  • Forest management approaches to minimise wind damage

Conference scientific committee

Dr John Moore (Timberlands, New Zealand)
Dr Barry Gardiner (EFI, France)
Dr Amanda Bunce (University of Connecticut, USA)
Dr Ebba Dellwik (Danish Technical University, Denmark)
Dr Chris Quine (Forest Research, UK)
Dr Bruce Nicoll (Forest Research, UK)
Dr Jean-Claude Ruel (Laval University, Canada)
Dr Tara Strand (Scion, New Zealand)
Dr Damien Sellier (Scion, New Zealand)